‘Logan’ VFX Breakdown Reel by Rising Sun Pictures

Logan was on of the most brutal comic book films that I had ever witnessed in my life. Director James Mangold and Hugh Jackman committed to showing us how much painful it would be to get into a fight with a man who has sharp metal claws. And they delivered! But what it would be to shoot the film with them? If you’ve ever wondered that, you’re in luck.

Rising Sun Pictures, a company that worked on the visual effects for the film released a reel detailing their work. You’d be surprised to see how much VFX went into making Logan, which is more of the gritty type and things aren’t exploding left and right. One of the things I was surprised to see that how CG was used to make the film’s action more brutal than any of the X-Men films before (except Deadpool of course).

Check out the VFX Reel here:

Video Courtesy: rspvfx via YouTube

Source: Rising Sun Pictures


Kenneth Sequeira

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