Watch How ‘Rogue One’ Brought Back Governor Tarkin And A Young Princess Leia

Earlier this week the nominations for the 89th Academy Award, or as they’re commonly known as – the Oscars were announced. And one of the big blockbuster to receive an Oscar nomination was Rogue One, specifically for the Best Visual Effects category.

One of the biggest beef people had with the film was the digitally recreated Grand Moff Tarkin. Actor Peter Cushing played the hardass official in A New Hope (1977). The character was once again seen at the end of Revenge of the Sith this time portrayed by Wayne Pygram. Since the whole of Rogue One was about the Death Star, the writers felt that Tarkin was a must in the film (unless of course, they would’ve considered giving his parts to Vader).

After watching the finished product everyone felt that Tarkin looked kinda iffy. He looked fine whenever he was still but the effects wore off as soon as he had to speak. This also created a small backlash in the nerd & film community.  CG has come a long way from creating simple animation and backdrops to now creating full-fledged characters. Hell, a whole film was created in a studio and made to look as if it took place in the forest! But yet, it hasn’t been perfected to a level that we cannot distinguish fake from real. However, props to the team at ILM to keep pushing the boundaries of VFX in cinema!

Watch the video below detailing how the Visual Effects team was able to resurrect the actor for the film along with a very young Princess Leia.

Video Courtesy: ABC News via YouTube
Rogue One VFX - Creating Tarkin
Image via ILM

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