Deadpool Really Wants An Oscar!

If there was a surprise hit of last year which very well deserved all the fame, it was Deadpool. It was not only a brilliant superhero movie but a gigantic and successful marketing ploy. Let’s face it, the marketing played a huge part in the film’s giant success. Be it the really cool trailers, the really smart (and messy) billboard and all those really weird promos (Australia Day), all of them undeniably upped the hype for the film. Looks like that marketing machine never really stopped!

The awards season is here (obviously!) and Deadpool is really scoring big nominations with some really respectful organisations, not just the Globe. These include MTV Movie awards (not so much respected), People’s Choice Awards, and The Writer’s Guild Awards. Now, there are serious talks for the film to be nominated for none other than the Oscars.

Recently, Ryan Reynolds released a “For Your Consideration” video for the film. Just as the rest of the marketing campaign for the film, this video too is full of in-jokes and silly humour. But make no mistake, as this may just be a thinly veiled actual “For Your Consideration” video. We’ll only find out after the nominations are announced.



Deadpool - For Your Considurbation

Deadpool (2016) Rom-com Poster 1

Deadpool (2016) Rom-com Poster 2

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