The Philosophy of Darth Vader – What Makes This Villain Tick?

“Fear leads to the Dark Side” – Master Yoda

Darth Vader is easily one of the best villains that Hollywood has given us. The Sith Lord first appeared in Episode 4 back in 1977 and immediately became ingrained in pop-culture. His arc in Empire Strikes Back only added more layers to a badass character and hinted that something really bad had happened in the past to this once fierce Jedi knight.

Vader of course, wasn’t always this ruthless Sith Lord of the Galactic Empire. Like everyone, he too had faced a tragedy in life that paved the way for Anakin to turn over to the Dark Side. That was the whole point of the prequels, to show Anakin’s gradual descent and and fall from grace ultimately making him Darth Vader.

In the video below, Wisecrack explores the philosophy behind the journey of Vader and its roots in Buddhism (from where the concept of The Force also comes). As we welcome the Sith Lord back on the silver screen with Rogue One, let us have a look at meaning behind his journey and why “fear leads to the dark side!”

Video Courtesy : Wisecrack via YouTube

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Darth Vader
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