Watch How Heath Ledger’s Joker Became The Ultimate Antagonist

I’m not a monster, I’m just ahead of the curve.

What can I say about Heath Ledger’s Joker that hasn’t been said already? The actor’s performance as the antagonist is one of the best performances not only in comic book films but films in general, so much so that he was awarded the Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role posthumously making him the second actor to achieve that feat.

So what is that made Heath Ledger’s Joker so frightening and dangerous? Just Ledger’s performance? Or good writing from the Nolan brothers? In the video below by Lessons from the Screenplay, Micheal Tucker argues why The Joker is the ultimate antagonist and what makes him so good among other great movie villains such as Darth Vader, Hans Landa, Anton Chigurh, Hannibal Lector and Jon Doe.

Video Courtesy : Lessons from the Screenplay via YouTube

Heath Ledger - Why So Serious - The Dark Knight (2008)

Heath Ledger - The Joker - The Dark Knight (2008)The

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