Opening This Weekend – December 2, 2016

Planning to go to the movies today? Want to see all the options before you? We’ll help you out!

1. Jackie

Video Courtesy : FoxSearchlight via YouTube

Director : Pablo Larraín

Starring : Natalie Portman, Peter Sarsgaard, Billy Crudup, Greta Gerwig, and John Hurt.

Synopsis : 

JACKIE is a searing and intimate portrait of one of the most important and tragic moments in American history, seen through the eyes of the iconic First Lady, then Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy (Natalie Portman). JACKIE places us in her world during the days immediately following her husband’s assassination. Known for her extraordinary dignity and poise, here we see a psychological portrait of the First Lady as she struggles to maintain her husband’s legacy and the world of “Camelot” that they created and loved so well.

Jackie (2016) - Poster 1 - Natalie Portman

2. Incarnate

Video Courtesy : WWE via YouTube

Director : Brad Peyton

Starring : Aaron Eckhart, David Mazouz, Carice van Houten, Catalina Sandino Moreno

Synopsis : 

A scientist with the ability to enter the subconscious minds of the possessed must save a young boy from the grips of a demon with powers never seen before, while facing the horrors of his past.

Incarnate (2016) - Poster 1

3. The Eyes of My Mother [LIMITED RELEASE]

Video Courtesy : Magnolia Pictures & Magnet Releasing via YouTube

Director : Nicolas Pesce

Starring : Kika Magalhaes, Will Brill, Olivia Bond, Paul Nazak

Synopsis : 

In their secluded farmhouse, a mother, formerly a surgeon in Portugal, teaches her daughter, Francisca, to understand anatomy and be unfazed by death. One afternoon, a mysterious visitor horrifyingly shatters the idyll of Francisca’s family life, deeply traumatizing the young girl, but also awakening some unique curiosities. Though she clings to her increasingly reticent father, Francisca’s loneliness and scarred nature converge years later when her longing to connect with the world around her takes on a distinctly dark form.

The Eyes of My Mother (2016) - Poster



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