Narcos Season 2 Featurette – Killing Pablo

 Spoilers for anyone who isn’t caught up with Narcos Season 2 

Narcos is easily one of the best crime shows of the recent years and is one of Netflix‘s crown jewels. A big reason for this is the showrunner’s commitment to represent the cold hard truth on the screen, no matter how harsh combined with a charming and likable cast who breathe a sense of authenticity and honesty in their portrayal of the characters they play on-screen.

Steve Murphy with the body of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar
Steve Murphy with the body of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar was killed in Medellin, Colombia on December 2, 1993. This was a big moment for the DEA and the Colombian security forces who were on his tails for years. This powerful moment was recreated for the season finale. The writers even gave Pablo a moment of redemption as he walked carelessly onto the streets of the city where he grew moments before being killed by the infamous Search Bloc.

In the new featurette released by Netflix, we go into the details of how the team recreated the closing moments of the cocaine kingpin.





Video Courtesy : Netflix US & Canada via YouTube

Narcos will be back for its third season which will shift its focus from Medellin to the Cali cartel.

Video Courtesy : Netflix US & Canada via YouTube

Here’s the synopsis for Season 2 :

Narcos chronicles the gripping real-life stories of the infamous drug kingpins of the late 1980s and the corroborative efforts of law enforcement to meet them head on in brutal, bloody conflict. Its gritty storytelling details the many, oft-conflicting forces – legal, political, police, military and civilian – that clash in the effort to control cocaine, one of the world’s most valuable commodities.

In the second season, notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, played by Golden Globe nominee Wagner Moura, is on the run, with the Colombian authorities in relentless pursuit — and determined to put an end to his illegal activities.

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