10 Hilarious Navy Ship Names After Trump

I have the best ships, I tell you. Yuuuuge.

Earlier today a trend, #TrumpNavyShipName, blew up on Twitter. The following tweets sum up what the US thinks about naming their navy ships after him.

1. After his recent scandal.

2. After the Trump campaign in general.

3. Oh hello, Trump Supporter. Didn’t see you there!

4. After Trumps grammatical error.

5. After his man-crush on Putin.

6. After his infamous tan.

7. After his tendency to ruin himself (as well as others)

8. After whatever is going to happen to the US when he becomes President.

9. After….this one is rigged, I tell you, folks.

10. After his tendency to be wrong call others wrong.

Of course, I couldn’t resist. So here’s my list:

  • USS Spray-tanic
  • USS November28th
  • USS Nasty
  • USS BadHombres
  • USS MakesMeSmart
  • USS You’dBeInJail

Note To Self: Stop using USS as a hash tag.