Deadpool 2 Loses Director Over Creative Differences With Ryan Reynolds

A truly shocking news has just arrived. Tim Miller, director of this year’s highly successful film Deadpool has reportedly left the sequel. Deadline broke the news just moments ago and the reporter  states that the exit was caused due to “creative differences” between Ryan Reynolds and Miller.

However, not all is lost as the report further states that it all ended amicably. Miller will be jumping right into another giant Fox project Influx. It will be an adaptation of the David Suarez novel with a script written by Mark Bomback. The plan is to launch a film trilogy.

Deadpool was one of the most successful films of the year. The rated R superhero flick grossed a total of $782 million worldwide over a budget of mere $58 million. The film still stands ahead of both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad in terms of domestic gross. The film wasn’t just a mega box-office hit but also received love from both audiences and critics alike.

Deadpool 2 has a tentative 2018 release date with the mutant Cable slated to appear. Just a couple of days back, Collider reported that the studio is looking to cast Domino with the list of the candidates including names such as Lizzy Caplan and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Kenneth Sequeira

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