Captain Fantastic (2016) Film – Official Trailer

The first trailer for Captain Fantastic has been released online. The film tells the story of Ben (Viggo Mortensen) , a loving father who raises his six children in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, completely isolated from modern society.  Tragedy strikes as Ben’s wife dies of a disease and he and his children have to move to the city to attend her funeral.

The children are baffled by the cityscape and very naive so much so they do not know what is Cola, processed meat, or how to ask a girl out. Things become worse for Ben and the kids when their grandfather appeals for sole custody of the children sighting that they need to grow up in a more formal manner just like normal kids.

The premise of the film is really very interesting and lends itself to a lot of questions regarding the concept of parenting and who decides what is best for their children. The film premiered at the Sundance film festival where it received mixed reviews but Viggo’s acting was highly praised. We shall see how the general audience will respond to it.

Check out the trailer below:

Video Courtesy : Bleecker Street via YouTube

The film is directed Matt Ross and also stars George MacKayFrank LangellaSamantha IslerAnnalise BassoNicholas HamiltonShree CrooksKathryn HahnSteve Zahn, Erin Moriarty and Missi Pyle.

Captain Fantastic hits theaters on July 8, 2016.

Read the official synopsis below:

Deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, isolated from society, a devoted father (Viggo Mortensen) dedicates his life to transforming his six young children into extraordinary adults. But when a tragedy strikes the family, they are forced to leave this self-created paradise and begin a journey into the outside world that challenges his idea of what it means to be a parent and brings into question everything he’s taught them.

Captain Fantastic Poster

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