Batman – The Killing Joke (2016) Animated Film – Sneak Peek

We have a lot of Batman heading for us. We are already done with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we know the Dark Knight will be appearing in the Suicide Squad later this year. Early next year we will have The Lego Batman Movie hitting the big screens. What many of you may not know is that we have a Batman – The Killing Joke animated movie in the works.

Yes, last year at San Diego Comic Con Warner Bros. announced that they will be producing a straight to video adaption of the Alan Moore classic one shot The Killing Joke. Later it was made known that Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill, the most well known voices for Batman and Joker since the 1991 animated series were reprising their roles with DC Animation veteran Bruce Timm coming back to produce the adaption.

The graphic novel is most well known for giving the Joker an origin (later used in the 1989 Tim Burton Batman film), and crippling the then Batgirl Barbara Gordon. Due to the shocking imagery and mature tone of the graphic novel, last October news broke that the studio gave the go ahead for the adaptation to be rated R if it were to be.

In the 10 minute sneak peek below the filmmakers discuss the story and the pressure of the task they have at hand of adapting on of the most well known Batman comics to date.

Watch the video below:

The Killing Joke is directed by Sam Liu and is slated to release this summer. Along with Conroy and Hamill, Tara Strong will be voicing Barbara Gordon and Ray Wise will voice Commissioner Gordon.

Batman The Killing Joke Poster

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