The Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge – Samsung On A Roll

The Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona has been a platform for Samsung since yesterday. The commencement of the MWC has showcased a lot of cool gadgets and technology, mostly related to mobile phones and VR experiences. Samsung released the new Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge yesterday and even debuted  their first 360-degree camera known as the “Gear- 360”. The camera can take pictures or videos from any angle and upload it on Facebook and YouTube. Facebook is now upgrading the quality of 360-degree videos on its site. The MWC featured the collaborations between Facebook and Samsung. The data taken in by the Gear-360 can also be viewed through Samsung’s VR headset that is powered by Facebook’s own Virtual Reality system, Oculus.

Gear-360 - image via
The Gear-360 allows the user to take 360-degree pictures and videos.

While all these gadgets point to the future of VR, they still require a powerful gaming PC. The more accessible product was Samsung’s flagship phone, the Galaxy S7. The S7 Edge was showcased too, along with the iPhone 6s by Apple, the Nexus 6p, the LG G5 and the Moto X. Many of the features and functions of the S7 seemed to have trumped even the iPhone, thus making it very impressive to tech gurus.

Samsung Galaxy S7 - image via

The Galaxy S7 Edge boasts of a 3600 mAH battery, while the 6s has a battery of 2750 mAH.  The Samsung phones have brought their cameras up to par with the iPhone with a 5 mp front cam and 12 mp primary camera. The Nexus 6p seems to be leading in the camera department with a 12.3 mp primary camera and an 8 mp secondary camera. Samsung is also the leading make as far as android processors are concerned with a SnapDragon 820 in both its products. All Android phones, except the Motorola, have included fingerprint sensor features in their flagship phones

The Samsung phones have additional features that has given it additional brownie points. With its amazing battery power, the company claims that it can charge faster than even the S6, which takes two hours to charge and is a total improvement over the iPhone which takes over three hours. The S7 can also charge wirelessly. However, the company claims that though wired charging is still faster than the  wireless one, it is still fairly quick. The S7 is also water-resistant among other things. It also allows users to disable notifications while your in a “gaming mode”. Another feature is the camera modes that Samsung plans on releasing slowly that the user can download through Samsung Pay.

What with the heavy competition going on between Android phones and Apple phones, Samsung looks like the Android’s only saving grace.