Faraday Steals Tesla’s Workforce

Recent news about the corporate world and tech seem to be buzzing with news about Faraday Future’s new car, FFZERO1, a purely concept car, designed just to show off the innovative and technological goals of the California-based company. The car boasts more than 1000 horse-power and can go up to 200 miles-per-hour. The news is, however, not merely about the car. It’s about Faraday Future nicking Tesla’s employees. The company’s website shows that the leadership roster includes four former Tesla employees, namely, Nick Sampson, former head of Vehicle and Chassis Engineering; Dag Reckhorn, former Director of Manufacturing; and Tom Wessener, former Director of Purchasing at Tesla.

Faraday Future

Faraday Future, seen as Tesla’s growing rival in the field of automotive engineering, has more than 750 employees as stated by Sampson at CES 2016. LinkedIN searches suggest that there are 410 people that list Faraday Future as their current employer, 73 of which have also listed Tesla as one of their former employers. However, Faraday Future seems to be poaching even the design talent from Tesla. Lead designer for user interface inside the Tesla vehicles, Brennan Boblett was hired by Faraday Future as the creative head as far as Faraday’s user interface is concerned. Boblett even worked for Apple prior to Tesla.

Faraday’s new designer for colour, design and finish is former Tesla senior automotive designer Sue Neuhauser. Neuhauser and Boblett weren’t the only employees that were managed to be lured by Faraday: they even stole Bryce Shawcross, former graphic designer at Tesla. He was one of the guys responsible for the design of Tesla’s branded products. Shawcross now works at Faraday as creative manager for its brand design. According to LinkedIN data, majority of the employees poached were engineers, of course, but even the creative teams were lured away. And even though it appears that they did most of their looting— oops! I meant shopping— at Tesla, their biggest design hire came from BMW, as they managed to land Richard Kim, former designer at BMW, currently Design Head of Faraday Future. In fact Kim was the one to announce that the company has road tested several vehicles, but wasn’t prepared to begin production yet.

Faraday has been playing bandit at major autocorps such as Ford, GM and even Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. It aims to have its cars on the road by 2020, as stated by Nick Sampson.