The Bullet: World’s Smallest Flashlight is in the Shape of a Slug

A San Francisco based company named Slughaus has launched a new project on Kickstarter: the world’s smallest flashlight. This flashlight is called the Bullet and is named so after its shape.

The Bullet an aluminium, LED flashlight small enough to fit on your keychain but powerful enough ( LED, of course) to search for lost things in the darkest corners. The team at Slughaus came up with the idea after one of them lost their phone in the car and thought that it’d be a great idea to have a flashlight the size of a bullet— and now we do!

The bullet - comparision

The Bullet, weighing only six grams, is made of aero-grade anodized aluminium and is available in Gunmetal (for those who don’t speak colour, grey) and black. The Bullet has been through a variety of prototypes, aiming at a minimal, utilitarian and hassle-free design. For it to work, all you have to do is give it a quarter rotation at the top and rotate it back to turn it off. Equipped with miniscule batteries, it produces 15 lumens of light( for those who don’t speak physics, a lumen is the amount of light emitted by a source).

Other features of the Bullet are its in-built keychain ring, waterproof body, an LED light that is more or less immortal and a long lasting battery. Unlike the regular Every Day Carry flashlight, no glass or filament is used and hence there’s no risk of breakage or damage. The company even claims that rain or sleet or hail can’t damage it due to its aerospace-grade metal body. All you have to do is turn it on and…..LUMOS!

The project is funded on Kickstarter and is still being funded. Surpassing its goal of $10,000 the Bullet is available to all those who back the project with rewards for pledging.