Ruggie Alarm Clock:No Snooze, No Lose

An alarm clock, designed by an entrepreneurial team based in Vancouver and Hong Kong; Windustries Limited, aims to prevent the chronic problem that all sleep lovers (and cats) have: sleeping in.

This special alarm clock, firstly comes in the shape of a little mattress, hence called “Ruggie”.  It consists of a built in LED display that is touch sensitive, thereby eliminating any disturbances to your sleep that might be caused by the light. Also it has powerful built-in   speakers and is quite easy to set up.

So now that we’ve learnt the features it’s time to get into the workings of the clock. Once the alarm goes off, you’d have to stand on the mattress in order to reset the alarm. And yes, I meant stand. Not just push the soft memory foam with your foot, but actually STAND. The memory foam that “Ruggie “ is made of is also pressure sensitive which means only the full weight of your body can turn the alarm off and reset it.

The logic behind this is that snoozing the alarm makes us want to go back to bed and dream a little longer. The inventor of the Ruggie, Winson Tam, designed the alarm because of his own experiences with oversleeping and hitting the snooze button repeatedly. When we are made to stand after getting out of the warm bed and the cozy sheets, our body naturally starts to wake up.

Video Courtesy : Tech Insider via YouTube

The official website and the promotional video both state the obvious benefits of such an alarm and the highlight the significance of the end of the Snooze-Button-Era. The Ruggie was designed also keeping in mind the sleep hours of famous and successful personalites and how much time one wastes merely oversleeping whent he same amount of time could be used productively. The “Ruggie” also allows for customized message recording with the help of simple computer software.

The “Ruggie” was launched on Kickstarter and is available for $79(one pack special) and $415(six pack special) that includes a USB cord, and an EBook on “How To Wake Up Early and Build Successful Morning Routines”).

PS: Writing and researching for this article has seriously made the author contemplate buying a “Ruggie”. Yawn!